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And a nice ‘oldie’ to conclude:






























New material!

Very nice remix bythe Dutch Olaf Stuut, of an already amazing track by Max Cooper:

Cool and deep track by Flow Zeo & Marcello Vor:

And two nice tracks of the new EP “Walking with Elephants”, by Ten Walls:

A compilation of memories that will remind me of the best period of my life so far!


Mixed Feelings



After half a year it’s time to end my stay in my beloved Bogotá, Colombia. Although I am looking forward to the journey ahead of me, it will not be easy to say everything and everyone goodbye here.



Really great track by David August – Epikur

One of my favorites lately! Koett – Assembled in

A strange techno-like sound, but I like it! Sigward – Re Fowl

Deep, deep remix by Christian Löffler:

Very nice vibe in this one: Animal Trainer – Dragon Games (Original Mix)

Lex Castle & Van Did – Alom (HRN Remix)



It has been a wonderful half year, but now it’s almost time to move on. Gracias Colombia!

New mix available!



Here is a new mix I made to relax out a bit, while having enough in there not to fall asleep!



I have around 6 remixes of the original by the XX, but this one definitely adds something original and I like it a lot!

One of the coolest video – music combinations I have seen in the past few weeks! Owiny Sigoma Band – Nyiduonge Drums

Relatively unknown producers from France, but I think they could be big one day:

Some wonderful work of Ryan Davis’ new EP “State of mind”. One of my favorite producers at this moment!

This is Max Cooper as we know him; with his characteristic emotional and some may find disruptive sound. Truly a great artist in my opinion!

Way different this one, but what a tune!

The next one isn’t new, but nevertheless worth listening!

Pedestrian – Hoyle Road (Original Mix)

And something chill to end the day with…


Starting at JFK airport, flying to India and the Middle-East, passing by in Asia, to end up lost in space.

I hope you like it!


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